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The Immerok Apache Flink Cookbook is a collection of examples of Apache Flink applications in the format of "recipes". Each recipe explains how you can solve a specific problem by leveraging one or more of the APIs of Apache Flink. The recipes can be extended or provide a basis for solving your requirements with Apache Flink. The cookbook contains recipes for both the DataStream and Table API.

How to use this cookbook

Each recipe contains a self-contained Apache Flink application which you can run directly on your machine; there is no need to install Apache Flink or any other applications.

The recipes presented here can all be found in our GitHub repository.

The quickest way to get started is to clone the repository and check out individual testProductionJob tests. You need to have Java 11 and Maven installed.

Stay informed

The cookbook and its recipes are a living document, which means that we are continuously improving and adding new content. We try to add at least one new recipe every week. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at or follow us on Twitter to stay informed of new recipes and all future developments at Immerok.

Feedback or request recipes

We are always interested in feedback! If you have a great idea or would like to request a specific recipe, that is possible too. Create a GitHub issue in our GitHub repository for all these situations.